Although this goes without saying for many people, personal hygiene is one of the most important things to think about when getting ready for an interview. However, personal hygiene does not come naturally to some people or does not play as big a part in their day to day life.

You will instantly reduce your chances of interview success if you do not make sure that your personal hygiene is okay. Not only does poor personal hygiene suggest that your smell might be off putting to potential co-workers, it also suggests that if you don't care much for your own body then you won't care much about the work you are doing. The interviewer will also be concerned that you would be unappealing to clients and therefore unable to perform certain roles.

Therefore make sure that you wash thoroughly before the interview and make sure that your clothes have been well cleaned and do not smell used. Remember, you are likely to be sweating more than you normally would at interview and this will enhance the bad odour.

It will also be wise to enhance your odour with a deodorant spray or if you are the sort of personal that sweats a lot, especially in pressure situations, then an antiperspirant will be useful. You could also go further and use some perfume or aftershave, however, you should be careful not to use too much as this can be as bad as not washing,

Other things to watch out for are: unwashed and unkempt hair, dandruff, bad breath and long and/or dirty finger nails.

These are all simple things to do and are an absolute must when going to a job interview.


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